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You are not able to perform a clean pull up, dip or muscle up? Then those bands are the right thing for you. With the  assistance of them many exercises can be performed easier and that’s why be learned step by step.

Band Training Video:  watch
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                  BLACK/FOAM ROLLS

The Blackroll works for the active regeneration. Regularly conducted exercises with the Blackroll can lose Musclefascia and high tensions in the muscles and stimulate the blood flow. That’s how they improve the regeneration and prevent injuries.

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Parallettes (some kind of mini parallel bars) are suitable for many push and core exercises. Because of the distance to the ground and the good grip most exercises are easier for beginner and also advanced athletes.


Parallette Training Video: watch

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                  GYMNASTIC RINGS

Rings are the best all-round training equipment when it comes to exercises for the upper body. Because you can adjust the rings in their height you can use them for pull and also for push movements. Many exercises are a bit harder caused by the instability, but that’s why also train your body extensively.

Ring Training Video 1:  watch
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